Ava Kian Mehr

Ava Kian Mehr commercial company which is a Supplier and distributor of Cosmetics and cleaning raw materials was established since 2009 with the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of services to domestic producers.

Due to the progress that the company has been achieved during its operation, it is the largest supplier of raw materials and specialized packaging in cosmetics and detergents in the region right now. So that the company has close relationships with active manufacturers of all over the country in this area and it provides a significant portion of their needs.

The management and structure of the company are strictly in accordance with international standards with trade, marketing, sales, customer service, R & D, laboratory, finance and human resources. All staffs of the company are experts, master, PHD are graduated in fields related to management, chemical engineering, business, medicine, pharmacy.

As a result of the compliance with international standards in all levels, the Ava Kian Mehr Company have managed to work with more than 20 producers of raw materials industry from reputable companies. Extensive exchanges and cooperation in the global markets with France, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and etc. are confirmed of the company’s successful performance and reliability at the international level is increasing.

Raw Materials

The brilliant and widespread presence of Ava Kian Mehr Company in International Exhibition of cosmetic industries which is held in this field of industry every year, managed to have positive impact in improving the status and reputation of the company. Ava Kian Mehr has required to have an appropriate amount of raw materials and chemicals Company in order to avoid the interruptions in the production in this section. So by having a warehouse located in Shoor-Abad with 5,000 square meters could have a depot contains more than 50 containers of required materials.

  • Surfactants
  • Silicones
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Natural extract (herbal and fruity)
  • Essences
  • Wax and Butter
  • Emollient and emulsifiers
  • Different types of preservatives
  • Polymers and specialty additives


On the other hand, another important issue which has the important role in cosmetic industry is the matter of products packaging. It should be mentioned that the importance of high quality, intelligently designed according to the needs and culture of consumer community and also the beauty and charm of packaging are not less than the importance of the product. So Ava Kian Mehr has gone to import the cosmetics packaging according to customer’s requirements.

  • Porcelain bowl.
  • Bottles
  • Pumps
  • Tubes and shells of Beauty
  • Glassy containers
  • Multi-layer and one-layer tube


The first choice of Iranian manufacturer in order to advice in the case of purchasing and producing of raw materials for cosmetics, toiletries, detergents as well as to achieve a level of quality that is exemplary in the world.


Our mission and policy are standardization, designing, and engineering services, improving after-sales service cleaning cosmetic ingredients, customer relationship management with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction, increasing the profitability and promoting the portion of Ava Kian Products in the market.

Pivotal Values

  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction and trust through the activities at the most appropriate level of quality
  • Pay attention to human resources as the most valuable asset of the organization, and planning for its qualitative development
  • Knowledge and Innovation
  • Permanent revisions in its structure, systems, and methods to increase added value in the organization’s processes
  • Using technologies of the world
  • Speed in embracing from changes and new opportunities
  • Endeavor for success based on innovation, initiative, encouraging the confrontation of different ideas and the courage to do new things.