Financial affairs department of Ava Kian Mehr

The goal of financial affairs department of the company is based on establishing a series of rules and contacts, attracting specialists and skillful person and also applying high-capacity software, while updating the accounts, financial issues of customers should be followed up with the best quality as soon as possible.



Which factor does distinguish financial affairs department of Ava Kian Mehr?

Financial affairs department of Ava Kian Mehr has gone forward in the case of customers and suppliers’ satisfaction and preparing their needs.

Therefore the department has proceeded to import raw materials by receiving pre-payment and there is no need to invest 100 percent in the purchase of goods. A large number of purchase orders which have done in order to prepare the needs of manufacturing companies have caused the raw material with the lowest possible price should be bought from the foreign company. Shipping costs fall to the lowest and therefore the materials will be prepared with the cheapest price for the producer. Ava Kian Mehr Company by receiving long-term documents of different companies and by its authenticities such as fund of the company, LC credit and also by taking advantage of banking services aims to be a small contribution to increase national production.