Laboratory Section Of Ava Kian Mehr

One of the important features of Ava Kian Mehr Company is possessing a specialized chemistry lab. This laboratory by relying on technical knowledge and professional and experienced experts (Master of Chemistry, PhD in chemistry and pharmacists) about the formulation (new formulas and reforming the old formula) and manufacturing, quality control testing of cosmetic products and stability test, Efficacy (effect of the final product on the skin and hair) reverse engineering products and …. Such precise control with this level of expertise and experience in the distribution of raw materials and packaging is unique in Iran.



Which factor does distinguish Ava Kian Mehr’s laboratory section?

This lab has studied on the global market by close interacting with R & D department and it has this capability to present the formulations of cosmetic top brands. It has also examined the possibility of making new products which could be claimed as a result of having the knowledge, experience, and equipment that Ava Kian Mehr company has the capability to make any product with any formulation.

Other measures taken by the laboratory is to analyze the price in the production process and to investigate the cost of the finished product and analysis of the finished cost will be advised to the manufacturer. Thus, producers with vision and without trial and error will produce its own product.

Also, it is pleased to announce in the case of customer orientation and helping them to start and progress of their production projects, it has proceeded to hold training sessions for techniques which are presented as a representative of the company.