Commercial team of Ava Kian Mehr

The commercial team of Ava Kian Mehr is comprised of domestic and exotic purchase unites and clearance which is responsible for procurement of exotic requirements like raw materials of cosmetic products and packaging in term of new commercial policies. This team has professionally begun to work in Ava Kian Mehr company since 2009.



Which factor does distinguish Ava Kian Mehr’s commercial team?

The potential of this team would be importing of all customs and obtaining all necessary permits, including inner standards, obtaining the license of utilization from the deputy of Food and Drug Administration (cosmetic) and etc.

The second factor which distinguishes Ava Kian Mehr’s commercial team is the way of buying materials. 1. The stored materials in storage 2.Materials loading and transporting to the country 3.ordered materials to manufacturers; by utilizing of available materials in storage and deficit of existing materials in storage, the materials which have been shipped to the country will be replaced and keep the depot materials in an appropriate level.  Also after carrying of bought materials to the country, new orders are given to manufacturers and this circle will be continued permanently in order not to have any problems.