3-O- Ethyl ascorbic acid

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Conventional Vitamin C is easily oxidized and destroyed by heat, air, light, etc. Especially, when it is mixed with other cosmetics which needs to be stored long time.Vitamin C usually causes the problem of color change in cosmetic products. In the other hand, Vitamin C ethyl is free from the those unstabilities. Vitamin C Ethyl is stable because it is metabolized as pur e vitamin the living body. This vitamin Ethyl C is stable whereas conventional vitamin C has a weakness that it is expedited to be oxidized in a normal sub acid. In the structure of Vitamin C, Vitamin C ethyl replaces Ethoxy group in the 3rd place which has strong acid. Vitamin C ethyl is protected from the metal ion. As a result it doesn,t change in its color and has nor abnormal reaction. Some Features of Vitamin C are Whitening, Synthesis of Collagen, good Penetration, Decrease the formation of Melanocyte, Excellent anti-ageing effect-